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Trendz, in beautiful Downtown Brookings, is a RESALE shop bringing you fantastic quality clothing, shoes, and accessories at affordable prices. Resale shopping means you are not limited to one particular fashion style, brand, or color palette. Instead, you have endless, ever-changing options to choose from. You can find all of your family's favorite brands and styles in ONE LOCATION!


​Studies have shown that the current "fast fashion" trend is NOT SUSTAINABLE. Instead, we promote giving high quality, gently worn clothing a second (and third!) chance. At Trendz, we carefully curate a selection of better quality pieces that will be worn again and again. Fewer items going from closet to landfill is better for everyone.


​We offer one of the most unique shopping spaces in Brookings, SD. Our building is the oldest in Downtown. Recently restored to its original 1898 glory, it offers a glimpse into our community's architectural history.  Bright, cheerful, welcoming and clean are commonly heard store descriptors from our shoppers and clients.



At Trendz, our team is very aware that there are many other shopping options in Brookings and beyond. We strive to make your first stop be here, at 225 Main!  Kindness, integrity, and consistency are what we are striving for in all of our customer service interactions. Please stop in and give us a chance to impress you with our SERVICE, SPACE and SELECTION.