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Size: 3ml / 0.10 oz. All skin types


A hydrating eye cream that addresses visible wrinkles around delicate eye area to address present and future signs of visible aging. Improves the look of resilience of delicate eye area using anti-aging ginsenomics™ that provides intense anti-aging benefits. Ginsenomics™ was formulated through ginseng research, which includes an innovative bio-conversion process that enables the rare bioactive compounds in ginseng to be utilized by the skin at 6000 times its natural concentration.* in short, it’s super concentrated and highly efficacious. *comparing the amount of ginseng saponin compound k, also known as ginsemonics™, to the amount found in natural ginseng roots. The formula is boosted by ginseng retinol™ that helps protect skin from external aggressors, one of the leading causes of visible wrinkles and fine lines.

Sulwhasoo Mini Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream

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